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Pääkirjoitus 1.4.2023 16:00

Let’s use the right given to us 

Vilja Vartia
oppilastoimitus (suomenkielinen alkuperäisteksti Heli Lehtelä)

When you really think about what is most important in life, the word “freedom” sticks. The word holds many meanings: the freedom to be yourself and voice your opinion, the freedom to believe or to not believe, the freedom to own, to work and to be educated. We get all of this when we live in a democratic nation. An essential part of freedom is a person’s opportunity to influence things that concern them by taking part in the decision-making process.

With that in mind, this week is truly a celebratory one. We are privileged to use the voice given to us and vote in the election of the parliament. By doing this we get to decide who has the power for the next four years. This is a right that we may have started to think of as self-evident. Among other things, the war between Russia and Ukraine reminded us that people may try to take our freedom and democracy from us.

Right now there is a fight for the western concept of democracy in Ukraine. To respect that too: let’s use our vote. Many have already voted in advance, but the election day is next Sunday. When the name of a candidate who defends your own values has been written on the ballot and dropped in the urn, it’s time to drink some truly strong election day coffee.

Lauttakylä-lehden ja Pellonpuiston koulun yhteinen oppilastoimitus kääntää poimintoja viikon lehdestä englanniksi. Tiivistelmän on kääntänyt 7.-luokkalainen Vilja Vartia. /The student editorial of Lauttakylä newspaper and Pellonpuisto school makes some translations from weekly paper into English. The English summary was was made by 7th grader Vilja Vartia.

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