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Local news 24.5.2023 13:45

"At first, I was amused, then I felt like crying"

Many people in Huittinen are shocked at the decision to deny the elderly the use of transport services made by the welfare area. 

Raili Ritakallio and Salme Hietanen. Picture: Pauliina Vilenius
Raili Ritakallio and Salme Hietanen. Picture: Pauliina Vilenius
Vilja Vartia, oppilastoimitus (suomenkielinen alkuperäisteksti Pauliina Vilenius)

The welfare area of Satakunta has denied Raili Ritakallio access to the transport service granted to her in accordance with the Social Welfare act. She has used it to go grocery shopping and to run other errands up until this point.

According to the decision Ritakallio’s mobility on foot is adequate, even though she uses a walker and a cane. Additionally, her deposits exceed the income and deposit limits of the mobility support service. Ritakallio suspects that the small rise in retirement may have something to do with the decision.

–At first, I was amused and then I felt like crying, summarizes Ritakallio.

She lives a good three kilometres from the centre of Huittinen. The service is not free, but Ritakallio has paid 7 euros and 40 cents for the ride.

Salme Hietanen has assisted the elderly in the transport service for seven years now. She knows that Ritakallio isn’t the only one who has been denied access to the transport service this spring. Hietanen has tried to get answers from the welfare area of Satakunta, but to no avail.

The decision has already concretely affected Ritakallio’s life: she hasn’t gone to the store since getting the letter.

Salme Hietanen reminds that the transport service is also important in terms of social interaction. She wonders what the financial consequences are, if the activity level of elderly people who otherwise manage on their own will decrease due to the service being discontinued.

Lauttakylä-lehden ja Pellonpuiston koulun yhteinen oppilastoimitus kääntää poimintoja viikon lehdestä englanniksi. Tiivistelmän on kääntänyt 7.-luokkalainen Vilja Vartia. /The student editorial of Lauttakylä newspaper and Pellonpuisto school makes some translations from weekly paper into English. The English summary was was made by 7th grader Vilja Vartia.

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