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Local news 9.4.2023 14:00

A place where you can find friends and help for loneliness

The doors of the meeting place Hehku are open on all business days 

Markku Tihumäki, Sirpa Lehtinen and Sirpa Mustonen visit Hehku often.
Markku Tihumäki, Sirpa Lehtinen and Sirpa Mustonen visit Hehku often.
Vilja Vartia, oppilastoimitus (suomenkielinen alkuperäisteksti Heli Lehtelä)

–I took part in cooking for the first time when I held onto the baking sheet, gushed Kauko Järvinen when talking about how much the meeting place Hehku, located in the middle of Lauttakylä, means to him.

The meeting place Hehku is at a central place in Lauttakylänkatu. It has become a lounge area which welcomes all young people and adults of working age who are looking for company.

An active visitor of Hehku and SPR friend activities, Sirpa Lehtinen, says loneliness is a concerningly big problem nowadays.

The week dedicated to social workers in the end of March gathered people to converse about how much Hehku matters to the men and women in the area. Especially the regular visitors were heard in the discussion panel, along the invitees. The visitors were very grateful for the shared cooking moments and mushroom picking trips.

Lauttakylä-lehden ja Pellonpuiston koulun yhteinen oppilastoimitus kääntää poimintoja viikon lehdestä englanniksi. Tiivistelmän on kääntänyt 7.-luokkalainen Vilja Vartia. /The student editorial of Lauttakylä newspaper and Pellonpuisto school makes some translations from weekly paper into English. The English summary was was made by 7th grader Vilja Vartia.

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