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Local news 29.4.2023 07:30

Moving from a metropolis to Huittinen was a shock only for the parents

The first semester at the upper secondary school of Huittinen is over for Brazilian Ana Helena Dias, 17, and Vietnamese Lilian Do, 16. The plans for the future after upper secondary school are starting to take shape.

Ana Helena Dias and Lilian Do have a very traditional
Ana Helena Dias and Lilian Do have a very traditional "tikkataulu", Finnish dart board, in their kitchen.
Vilja Vartia, oppilastoimitus (suomenkielinen alkuperäisteksti Heli Lehtelä)

The young women are close to the end of their year in the upper secondary school of Lauttakylä, where they applied for through the Finest Future –program last year.

I found this opportunity myself and my parents were terrified at first when I told them I wanted to move to the other side of the world. I’m the only child so it was quite a shock for them, grins Ana Helena Dias.

The Finest Future -program brought upper secondary school students to Huittinen from all around the world. They are learning Finnish and will finish the Finnish upper secondary school curriculum. Ana Helena Dias and Lilian Do are planning on staying in Finland for university studies. Finest Future does not only ensure the vitality of our local upper secondary school but also brings committed experts and international contacts to our nation.

–I’ve thought about becoming a doctor after upper secondary school. Right now, I want to stay in Finland. Helsinki interests me as a study city and my mother’s friend lives there to top it off. She helped me buy winter clothes, when I had to buy them for the first time, living in Finland, says Dias.

Lilian is interested in architecture, specifically in Helsinki.

I like art, but also mathematical subjects.

How have Dias and Do found friends in the famously antisocial Finland?

We get tips on events from the coordinator of international affairs, tells Dias.

He is our support person, who we can turn to in any situation, adds Do.

Lauttakylä-lehden ja Pellonpuiston koulun yhteinen oppilastoimitus kääntää poimintoja viikon lehdestä englanniksi. Tiivistelmän on kääntänyt 7.-luokkalainen Vilja Vartia. /The student editorial of Lauttakylä newspaper and Pellonpuisto school makes some translations from weekly paper into English. The English summary was was made by 7th grader Vilja Vartia.

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